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About Hello Wellness

Northwest Arkansas General PractionerHello Wellness is an independently owned and operated family practice clinic committed to providing consistent, quality, and innovative healthcare to the people of Northwest Arkansas. It was conceived on the notion that primary care needed a new and fresh approach without any big healthcare entity constraints.

Being independently owned and operated allows us to shape and craft the delivery of healthcare to better serve the people of Northwest Arkansas. Our main focus is you, the patient. We offer healthcare to all patients regardless of insurance status and it is our firm belief that no one should be denied the ability to get quality healthcare.

We treat all aspects of family medicine, from chronic medical conditions to acute and urgent care conditions. Walk-Ins are always welcome and we are always accepting new patients. Our focus is preventative care and overall wellness, and we feel that it is never too early to start. Prevention is always the best cure, however life is sometimes unpredictable and Hello Wellness is here for you.

In addition to the many services that we provide, we go the extra distance to accommodate you and your needs. We are proud of the many programs that we will be offering including medical memberships for those without health insurance or a high deductible, as well as the implementation of a true "medical home."

We will also utilize the web to facilitate scheduling, as well as check-in and offer you the ability to get answers to routine questions without leaving your home. There is much talk and debate regarding the future and direction of healthcare that has lead to some uncertainty and anxiety.

Hello Wellness chooses to push forward with the idea that quality healthcare ends and begins with YOU, the patient. Hello Wellness, your total primary care.