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Hellomembership Medical Membership Program

At Hello Wellness we understand that medical care can be expensive and we are here to make healthcare costs less of a burden to you. Hellomembership is a medical membership program that allows you to pay monthly (minimum of 3 months) and then receive an unlimited number of medical visits within a month for a greatly reduced rate. All lab work, X-rays, tests, and procedures that can be done within our clinic are covered. All medications, injections, and some immunizations are covered. We are committed to providing affordable, innovative care to you. Call 479.249.6362 for more information.

Designed for:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Corporations


Examples of who benefits:

  • Part-time Employees
  • In between healthcare coverage or switching jobs with benefits
  • Young college graduate joining the workforce off parents plan
  • Health Insurance Premiums just too expensive
  • Self employed
  • Larger Household
  • Small corporation looking to cut overhead
  • Corporation looking to maximize productivity through affordable access to health and wellness
  • Denied by Healthcare Insurance for chronic (preexisting) illness or injury


How it works:

You pay a monthly fee of $50 and every visit to our clinic will cost you only $25. This visit fee includes any test, any medication, and some immunizations that we give at Hello Wellness. If a test needs to be done that is not performed within our facility then this will be an extra cost in addition to the visit fee. Pediatric vaccinations will also cost extra, however at a discounted rate. All procedures that are typically performed at Hello Wellness will also be covered. For families of 4 or more the monthly cost is $200/month with a visit fee still of only $25 per member. There is a 3 month membership minimum, but you may sign up for as long as you would like. You can pay monthly. Corporate memberships are priced similar, but may vary according to number of employees. The plan is only valid during the normal business of hours of the clinic.

Keep in mind that this is not Medical Insurance and should not be treated as such. It is a membership at the Hello Wellness that entitles patients of Northwest Arkansas healthcare at a much reduced rate.